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"Even now; with a thousand   
little voyages notched in my   
belt, i still feel a memorial   
chill on casting off."   
E. B. White   

2018 CYRG Events & Activities

Please note: All activities may change due to weather; contact Rick to confirm 443-566-2212.

ELF’s 130th birthday celebration
Mount Harmon Plantation, Earleville, MD

April 28

Move ELF to CBMM, sand and varnish, rig and step mast, bend on sail and shake down cruises with members

Early May
8th Annual ELF Classic Yacht Race
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. Michaels
Details >>>
September 29
Elf maintenance haul-out Early June

Sail on the Sassafras

Sail back to CBMM May 29
CBMM, St. Michael's, MD July 4
MRYC Log Canoe Governors’ Cup July 28-29


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